Support for All Families, However They are Made

November, National Adoption Awareness Month, is one full of significance for all families. 

Adoption is a paradox that includes both incredible gain and profound loss.  Being both an adoptee and an adoptive parent, I know the complexity that this duality of adoption can hold.

The loss in adoption can show up in different ways for each individual: loss of country, culture and language are just a few examples. Loss can also include the loss of your first family – most significantly, the loss of the woman who carried and brought you into this world.

The gains of adoption build on love: for the birth parents, for the adoptive moms and dads, and most importantly for the adoptees.  It gives the sense of a miracle in bloom. Isabella Rossellini put it best when she said, “by adopting, we stretch past our immediate circles and, by reaching out, find an unexpected sense of belonging with others.”

Though common themes may emerge from adoption narratives, it is important to remember that each individual impacted by adoption, especially the adoptee, is entitled to their own story and their own truth.

My brother and his husband recently adopted their first child, and he is such an enormous blessing to our family.  May we honor and support all families, including those formed by adoption. And it is my hope, as details of the federal budget continue to unfold, that this support continues in all ways possible and is not sacrificed in the name of other interests.