Waking Up to a Tax Nightmare

To my children and future grandchildren: I am so, so sorry.

I am sorry that a vote by the slimmest of majorities, fluffed and prettied-up to appear like a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to change tax codes for the better, enacted while you slept in your beds, will benefit so few and harm far more.

I am sorry that the tax breaks purported to benefit those Americans who struggle every day to put food on their tables are little more than artificial sweetener, due to fade from your deductions in the next 8 years. While the corporations who paid for every single vote in favor of this sham of an overhaul will reap their deductions in perpetuity, if those currently in power can keep it that way.

I am sorry that, for every single checkbook balanced to work within the funds available will have even less to count on in future years, as the projected deficit created by these “reforms” will be the perfect garnish for the growing arguments to cut services our taxes have paid into for years on the promises that we will benefit from them someday.

I'm sorry that greed, power and ego continue to be the operating principles of our sitting president and his administration.  And I'm sorry the elected officials who had the means to stop it bowed down and turned their backs on every hard working American who is trying to make ends meet.

To the so-called lawmakers who voted in favor of this bill: please, save your shrugs of indifference, your hands raised in the defensive while saying, “just give corporations a chance.” We’ve been there. We’ve done that. We have seen the receipts.

Until we have lawmakers who have the courage to stand up against the greed and almighty powerful lobbyists, we cannot pretend we are a nation represented by those who are for the people and of the people.

The once respectable, reasonable, rational Republican party has abandoned its core value of fiscal responsibility.  It’s time for moderate Republicans to join decent, dedicated Democrats for a better tomorrow.