The Warmth of Shared Values

Thank You.

It was an awesome, humbling experience to attend last night's Caucus as a candidate, visiting every precinct room of concerned citizens eager to have their voices heard.  I want to thank not only all of you who showed up to participate in democracy, but also the volunteers who made time before, during, and after Caucus to make sure everything ran so smoothly.

And thank you for your powerful response to my message - I am affirmed by your embracing our common values.  I will be meeting with you in more intimate settings so we can solidify our party's determination to progress forward.

What we did last night set the foundation for what happens in the voting booth this November.  For too long our voices have not been represented at the Capitol.  Bringing the change we all want to see means supporting the candidate who has the experience it takes to retire Kathy Lohmer.  With my experience and background, but most of all with my shared Minnesota Values, I am that candidate.

The hard truth is, the winning candidate must be able to bring votes across all party lines.  This is going to take a person skilled at research, lobbying, negotiation, and has the moral strength to force all political questions onto the higher ground of what is good for all Minnesotans.  I am that representative who can hit the ground running, and who will start winning for you.

A few experiences I bring with my candidacy include:

  • Hard-Earned Financial Insights:  Having worked on Wall Street, the recent downturn in the market was predictable. That's why we Democrats have to be smart about financials in government.  I have experience reading complicated spreadsheets and I know what they mean.
  • Difficult, Unavoidable Decisions:  My term on the Stillwater School Board has required making difficult, necessary decisions to ensure that every child has a shot at a world class education.  My board experience has tempered my understanding of legislative issues and sharpened my resolve not to let Minnesota sink into the mire of political football.  Our children's future is not a game.
  • Understanding the True Needs of a Brighter Future:  My experiences as a teacher help me understand the true needs of our children.  My classroom experience coupled with my experience as an administrator has shown me how our entire education system is deeply interconnected with all governmental actions, and deserves equal weight in budget and policy constructions.
  • Preparing for Inevitable Changes:  Growth in our district is inevitable.  We are witnessing a building boom of new houses for young families and facilities for the growing senior population.  In the balance hand the top tenets of our quality of life:  clean water and air, and an environment that must be preserved for our future children.  Balancing of regulatory measures that help preserve the beauty and ecology while serving the common need of the population cannot be mishandled.

How I Will Win the Election in November

Rational, reasonable Republicans who are fed up with their own party will support a qualified, experienced candidate who brings our shared Minnesota Values to the Capitol.  I know this because they are part of the coalitions I have spent the past months building, and their numbers are growing.  Some of them have left their own party and joined us at Caucus last night.  We cannot win in November, or the fights waiting for me at the Capitol, without them.

Last night, the work began to retire Kathy Lohmer.  Working together, we can restore sanity to our state government.

Thank you, again.  I am invigorated by your support!


P.S.  If you are not a delegate, we need you to be part of the excitement.  Join us!