Though I have lived in many great cities across this beautiful nation, Minnesota is the place I call home. I feel so blessed to be raising my family in this area and there is no place I would rather be.  I am running for Minnesota State Representative because I want to ensure that our community and this state can be a place where all Minnesotans can enjoy the highest quality of life they deserve.

I have been very fortunate to serve as a school board member in the Stillwater Area School district - a commitment which I will continue to fulfill with the utmost fidelity - and to be part of a collective effort to support the emotional, social and academic growth of each and every one of our students. For some time now, I have longed to engage in a more holistic conversation about the myriad systems that affect our children and their families.  Affordable access to healthcare, sustained economic development, the ability to protect our environment, reliable and safe infrastructure and a host of other critical issues each has an extraordinary impact on our lives.  I believe each of these systems are all interconnected as part of the larger ecosystem in which we operate.  Too many of our systems are over-regulated and underfunded and as a result, are ineffective for too many Minnesotans. It is my hope and my goal to represent the many voices in our community to improve those systems while living within our means to enhance the quality of life for those in our community and in our state.

I harbor no illusions that one person can change an entire culture or system overnight, but I do believe that each of us as individuals can help shape and influence a conversation, which can eventually lead to meaningful and lasting change. My call to serve has only been fortified and strengthened as I know together, we CAN make a difference.  I am running because I believe the best is yet to come in our great state.

Anyone who knows me well knows that I am always open to engaging in critical, honest and respectful dialogue.  Please contact me at paula@paulaforminnesota.org to let me know what's on your mind and perhaps we can visit over a cup of coffee to talk about the issues and learn from one another.  Regardless of our backgrounds or lived experiences, I know we as Minnesotans have so much more that unites us - and that it is the shared commonality of Minnesota values that will keep this state as strong as it can be for generations to come.  

I will work hard to earn your vote and I hope to hear from you soon.